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Rehoming- Our services explained

Rehoming a dog is always a difficult choice for those who's dog is part of their family. Finding the right people to take over your guardianship can be difficult. You may put his image on TradeMe, and you might have the best luck and find the best home.

People rehome a dog because:

1) incompatible with the family's lifestyle
2) the family moving overseas
3) change of circumstance for the owner 4) behavioural problems - any kind of problem, except being aggressive. 

We are here to help. We will not only find a suitable home, but we will, if need be, train your dog so that he does get a good home.

Rehoming fee: from $250.00 depending on each circumstances. 
We will come to your home and provide an assessment of your dog. After seeing your dog, seeing him/her interact with the family, getting medical information as well as behavioural information, we will either accept to rehome, and decline the rehoming.We need your dog to fit into our lives while we look for a home.
We charge a fee to the new family that will take your dog. This pays for our training, our space in our home, and our time & effort looking for the right family.

Rehome Registration

As of November 2 2018


Zac needs a home

I don't look too much like a Bichon or a Poodle, but I am. Cute eh! And I am a healthy vaccinated Male 5-year-old with a great social temperament. I bark at things I haven't seen before but I am a pretty cool house dog. My caregivers just got too busy for 'my best care' and are reluctantly and sadly helping me find a great new home. And I really love them for doing it. I promise to be as good for you as I was for them.... You can meet me, but I live bit out of town, so have a chat with Blair (or Natalie) and find out when you would like come and pick me up! I'm keen if you are! I just love kids....(btw).

More information about Zac


Bright & Summer need a home or 2 homes

Bright and Summer live together, and would like to go to a home that would like them both
However, the owners understand that they might be separated. Beautiful dogs.
The owners are moving overseas so they need a home either now, or after Christmas.

More information about Bright and Summer

Pictures of the dogs (BELOW) that we rehomed successfully

Benny Benny was a typical Cocker Spaniel. A family in Auckland wanted him rehomed and sent him to us. We found him a home in, funnily enough, the North Island. More Info
Bones- Rehomed in Christchurch Bones, a black lab, came to us because his owner wasn't strong enough to walk him. He went to a family full of kids! More Info
Atsy- dog rehomed in ChristchurchAtzie was rehomed at 12 years old. He was a grumpy dog that we feared we woulnd't find a home. He died an old dog of 17 years old. Atzie had a good life.
Buddha Buddha was such a great dog that he spent his day with us at Pet Expo! More Info
Charlie the pup A family who waited 5 years for a puppy finally got this cutey only to find that their son was allergic to dogs.
Dufer- the earthquake dog Dufer needed a new home because the earthquake made him non-wanted in his new rental. We found him the perfect family. More Info
The most beautiful dog George came to us because he didn't like cats. The family that we found lived in Auckland, and he lives in The Georges. More Info
Marmite Marmite found a home with a family who changed the neighbourhood for the better. More Info
Max the Springer Spaniel Max found his home in Dunedin one Christmas. He was needed to do the work that he was breed to do! More Info
The most beautiful dog Sasha, a Japanese Spitz, is a beautiful dog who was just too much for the young family. We see Sasha from time to time, and she wins people's hearts.
Shiloh Shiloh is an 8 year old brown labrador.She's been with a great family who moved to Spain for a great job opportunity. More Info
Louie is a beautiful Cocker Spaniel that found a home with a nice couple who've had Cocker's for the past 3 years. They had a dog just like Louie! More info
The most beautiful dog Harry, a long haired Daschshund, was rehomed to a family with an 8 years old daughter. Harry was reactive to all noise, and their family just couldn't get his behaviour undercontrol due to where they lived. 
Harry- be well! You got our heart strings!
Buster, a collie/lab cross came to us needing a new home. He just didn't fit into his family. The kids were just too excitable.  More info
Louie is a beautiful Cocker Spaniel that found a home with a nice couple who've had Cocker's for the past 3 years. They had a dog just like Louie! More info
Blair and Eddie 
Eddie, the 7 year old poodle lived with an older gentleman. Unfortunately, he couldn't care for him because he had to go into care. More info
The most beautiful dog Kora -- One Loyal Mate, Indoor Outdoor Friend indeed dressed in Black.  

Kora would really suit a family with a yard, a kennel and an active lifestyle who have probably never had a Dog before - but for whom there is lots to learn. She is a Lab, she is smart and can be silly, she is self-cleaning but will get dirty, being wet comes naturally, and is best fed in a slow feed bowl

More info

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Blair and Eddie 
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