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Private Training

Personal coaching works well for busy owners who appreciate the convenience, flexibility of schedules, individualised and guided instruction and the ability to work at your own pace. Priorisiting the issues that you feel are the most important and set about developing solutions where they happen - in your home and your neighbourhood.

Why Private Lessons?

* Advantages of One on One Training

* Stay at home and wait for the trainer - no driving required

* Have lessons at your convenience- 60-90 minutes is usual for appointments.

* Easier to train your dog without the distraction of other dogs nearby

* Less stressful for your dog

* Lessons are customised to your specific needs, lifestyle and dog's personality.

* Proceed at your own pace.

* The entire family can be involved in the training, not just one person.

Private training highly individualised and is "custom fit" to exactly what you want help with and what you would like your dog to learn. It is important that all family members, or flat mates are involved with the training, whether it be house training, jumping on people, barking, stealing and destroying socks, digging, or nail-trimming. We coach and show you how to help your dog help himself. We help you along the way, and follow up between sessions as needed.

Our training methods are very dog friendly, child friendly and family friendly.
No more struggling to get your dog's cooperation. The clarity and simplicity of the solutions will make your dog earn the title "man's best friend" and " a kid's best mate". He will love the attention, and you'll both love the results.

Packages: Allow up to 2 hours for the initial visit 

After 8 years of keeping our rates low, we need to raise them to reflect our expertise and experience.

We ask you to take notes during the home visit. This will help with goal settings for your training plan. 
  • $235.00 - Private assessment/training- do you have 2 hours to devote to your dog?

  • Additional lessons-  $100 (up to an hour) in Christchurch (travel cost extra outside of Christchurch)

  • I love how Blair explains why my dog does what he does... so simple !

    Michelle from Merivale.

    About our Private Consults

    Who must attend the session?

    Make sure everyone involved in the problem and correction procedures can attend.

    What happens at sessions/lessons for private consults?

    First we'll sit and talk. We'll ask you what the behavioural problem is, find out where it happens, find out what you've done to rectify the problem, and talk about possible solutions.

    How many appointments will be required ?

    This depends on the problem that you are seeking help with. If it is the short and sharp session and your problems are solved, that's great. Phone or email support is always available. Give us a ring us with updates.

    If you want to follow a programme plan, then more visits are required. Two or more is possible. We'll give you "homework" that can incorporate in your everyday life.

    If it's around aggression, an inital assessment with advice, and a follow up lesson is always recommended. 

    Will any special equipment be required? If so, what?

    None. Although we like voice command and feel that this is the ultimate trained dog, collars and leads are usually required while training. Have treats, and toys ready. Remember, don't feed your dog before we come for a visit.

    And if your dog is aggressive, please put a muzzle on your dog.

    If the problem persists after the program is completed, what happens?

    Give us a ring. We'll visit if we need to. Sometimes just talking over some of the options may just be want is needed.

    What is the dog problem you get asked about most?

    Toileting in the house is a major headache for some people, barking, pulling on a lead, not coming when called, afraid of staying home alone, chasing other animals. Aggression towards other dogs while walking is also common.

    Some people attend obedience class but when they leave the comforts of the class, they can not get their dog to do the commands with other distractions. Other times, some classes don't help with their dog behavioural problems and sometimes are asked to leave!

    How do I teach my dog right from wrong?

    From a dogs perspective, there is no such thing as bad behaviour. It is our perception and our level of acceptance that usually makes us judge-- chewing the furniture when you are not at home actually calms the dog... he's stressed of losing you. Digging is not really bad except for the location!

    Dogs are not intentionally badly behaved creatures.

    Every time your dog does something right, you reward him and make positive associations. When he does something unacceptable you teach consequence of action... usually ignoring is the best way. Some times a sharp "Ha!" does the trick.

    If dogs believe they are leader, they are responsible for their pack, but living in a world they do not understand is, not surprisingly, very stressful for them, that stress can manifest itself in many different ways depending on the personality of the dog. By showing the dog leadership, he will no longer need to look after you.

    I heard that you use TTouch, what is this?

    TTouch is a method of de-stressing your dog. This is included in our sessions with you if time permits. Ask us if we don't initialise the conversation. Does it work? Read more here

    Please note we are not practioners at this time, however we have attended a workshop and can impart the knowledge that we have received. If you want to know more, we can suggest some books to read and we have a DVD that you can have a look at.

    Natalie makes it look so easy. She is so patient with us and our dog!

    Matt and Kelly

    About our School

    We are professionally trained dog trainers/behaviouralists. We teach and use best practice positive training methods to help you build the companion dog you and your family want.

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