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We provide a variety of services

In conjunction with our dog classes, and our home training, we offer homestays (pet sitting) at our house. We also give seminars, and community events like Doggone Safe. For those who are in dispute with the authorities with their dog's behaviour, we are here to help.We offer rehoming services albeit this is a very small part of our services.

If you have any questions, give us a ring 389-4065 or 021-82-3647

Private dog training in Christchruch

Private Dog Training

We come to you giving you the flexibility in time. Giving your dog and his family one-on-one training teaching your specific goals. An option is for us to train your dog when you go to work!

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Dog classes in Christchurch

Dog Classes

Our dog training classes focus on real-life problems & prevention, developing social skills along with teaching basic manners.
You and your dog will learn how to communicate with each other by developing a great relationship based on cooperation and trust.

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Workshop for dog handlers

Workshops and Special Events

We give workshops on a variety of subjects; dog safety for children (and adults), how to read your dog's mind through his body languge, how to walk your dog on a loose leash, get your dog to come back to you more often than being ignored. Read More

Homestays in Christchurch

Homestays (dog boarding)

Your dog comes and stays with us in our house. Your dog is treated as part of the family. They join us when we go to the supermarket, to the beach, or they just laze around at home with our dog Max or with other homestay dogs. Read More

Rehoming dogs in Christchruch


Thinking of finding a new home for your dog? Don't know who to trust to care for your dog? We are here to help. Your dog stays and trains with us while we find him a home.

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Amicus Curiae / Friend of the Court

Has your dog been given a court order? Do you need to prove innocence to a judge?

We are experienced with court cases and we may be able to help. Read More

About our School

We are professionally trained dog trainers/behaviouralists. We teach and use best practice positive training methods to help you build the companion dog you and your family want.

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