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Join John Rogerson on different seminars and a camp-- April 2016

Clean Boot Tracking (April 9 & 10)  
Reactive Dog Course (April 11 & 12)  
Angels and Demons (April 13 & 14)  
CSI Survivor Camp(April 16 until Apil 21)  
Ultimate Recall (April 23, 24, 25- Anzac Weekend)  


Clean Boot Tracking

Clean Boot Tracking This course ran for the first time in the UK in 2014, was a great success, and has now been run in various countries around the world. This is ‘real’ tracking where the dog is actually trained to follow the scent of the tracklayer, unlike AKC or UK Kennel Club Working Trials where the dog is not actually trying to find the tracklayer. Clean boot tracking is great fun and much more practical than most forms of competition tracking for both the dog and handler!

As in working trials, the dog is required to follow the track of a person but unlike Working Trials, the dog is not required to take multiple turns on the track - it is much like search and rescue tracking where the dog is actually trying to find the person who laid the track not minute articles that the tracklayer has carefully placed! The culmination of the track is for the dog to reach the end and then identify the person who laid the track from a line up of suspects! It is carried out at a fast walk or slow jog and has much more of a practical purpose than working trials or Schutzhund tracking - both great dog sports in their own right, but this is .........Different!!  PLUS lots of fun to train. Perfect entry level for anyone wanting enhance nose work. This is a core skill of a man hunter.

2 day course

Who is this course for?

Saturday & Sunday April 9-10, 2016

Where: In the Red Zone, Christchurch

2-day course is $225 for Dog-Handler team and $175.00 for auditors. Please note that this course is limited to 18 handlers and 6 auditors.

[An auditor is a participant who wishes to be involved in all aspects of clinic, but will not be working a dog.]

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Reactive dog Seminar

What would it be like to take your dog in public without all the lunging, barking, stress and embarrassment? Well here's your answer. John Rogerson will examine all of the reasons  dogs become over reactive and aggressive towards other dogs and scrutinise strategies that can be used to improve their behaviour. 

This course also looks at limitations on advice regarding dogs that display or use aggression (in the light of changing legislation - dealing with dangerous/out of control dogs in public and  private places).

But wait, this is not just a lecture! John will utilise selected reactive dogs in order to demonstrate various ways of measuring and diagnosing aggression as well as showcasing behaviour modification and control training. Veterinarian, dog trainer, dog sitter, shelter employees, vet nurses or dedicated pet owner. You will be working in small teams to solve a HEINOUS CRIME!:

While in depth and content-rich, John’s course is geared towards any true dog enthusiast, whether professional or dedicated pet owner.


Who is this course for?

Wed, 27 April 2016 – Sat, 30 April 2016

Where: Badminton Courts Lecture Room, Christchurch

2-day course is $200.00
Community Card and Gold Card less 10%


Angels and Demons Seminar

Angels and demons, John RogersonDescription: A course detailing John’s unique view on how to deal with problems in dog training …and more importantly, solutions. It examines dog training in some depth and covers minor behaviour problems like housetraining, barking etc but is focussed on  raising and training a perfect dog. 

Answers so simple even the dogs can understand them! Find out how you can take the ‘Demons’ and turn them into ‘Angels’. 

Who is this course for? For professionals and dedicated pet owner.

Date:Wednesday April 13 and Thursday 14, 2016

Time: 9am until 4:30 with a 1 hour lunch or 9:00 - 4:00 with a 30 minute lunch break. 

Where: Canterbury Badminton Hall, 220 Pages Road, Christchurch 
Plenty of free parking, and kitchen available to use for lunches

Taking the Bus? Catch the Yellow Bus from the Bus Centre

Cost: 2-day course is $220.00 [Community Card and Gold Card Holders less $20]



Canine Scene Investigation (CSI) and Survivor

CSI survivor

[ The write up in UK's Dog Magazine November 2015]

Join The School of the Naked Dog and world renowned Dog Behaviour Consultant, John Rogerson, for an exciting Canine Crime Scene Investigation!

The CCSI seminar is a 5 day, 4 night fun mystery course designed to train your dogs with a real purpose and an end result.

2.5 days of intensive training and then 2.5 days of using the dogs’ senses to not only solve a crime but also to aid in the participants’ survival! Bring no food or water for the final 2 days, your dog is responsible for your ultimate survival. This may soon become a TV series, so be the first to come and try it with your dog!

No prior training is required, but your dog will be expected to be sociable around other dogs and team members; no unresolved aggression problems.

It is a fabulous learning experience for both dog owners and professional trainers. If you are interested in teaching dogs how to search, track, or just need new ways to make working with your dog or your clients more fun, this is the course for you.

Staying in a shared cabin or camping is part of the experience we are providing. You will have the opportunity to bond with John and fellow campers over meals and even engage in some nighttime training activities! (If you prefer not to camp, there are cabins, in luxury).

You and your dog will work on these skill sets:
  • Tracking and Scent Detection – Arson, Explosives, Drug and Firearm Detection (no real explosives or drugs will be used)
  • Team and relationship building exercises
  • Exercises designed to enhance relationship building and having lots of fun with your dog
  • Advanced control and problem solving for both human and dog
  • Employ your Canine Detective to find clues
  • Utilize your powers of observation and problem solving skills to solve the case
Who is this course for?

Saturday April 16 (1pm) and Thursday April 20, 2016 (4pm'ish)

Where: Wainui YMCA Camp- outside of Christchurch (see map below)

Cost for 5 day course includes:

  • All training activities by John Rogerson and the Naked Dog team
  • Catered meals from dinner on Saturday until Wednesday lunch. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner is included)
  • Camping OR Shared Cabin for you and your dog a Wainui's YMCA Camp Park (outside of Christchurch around 1 hour away)
  • Evening campfire/fireside chats with fellow detectives
  • Cars will be parked near the camping area, but not at your camping site.

An economical shuttle option will be available- details to follow.
Indicate interest on registration form.

Cost, including meals and accommodation:

Dog and Handler Team Working Spot

( Limited to 20 Dog-Handler Teams)

Standard Early Bird Rate : $700 by January 31 2016
Semi-Early Bird Rate: $850 by April 1, 2016
Last Miinute Rate: $900 by April 14, 2016

[10% discount for NZKC members, APDT members, School of the Naked Dog clients (see our newsletter for coupon code), Gold Card/Community Services Card. Membership number must be provided]

*Auditor Spot (no dog) (Limited to 10)

Standard Early Bird Rate : $650 by January 31 2016
Semi-Early Bird Rate: $770 by April 1, 2016
Last Miinute Rate: $850 by April 14, 2016

[$50 discount for NZKC members, APDT members, School of the Naked Dog clients (see our newsletter for coupon code), Gold Card/Community Services Card. Membership number must be provided]

[*An auditor is a participant who wishes to be involved in all aspects of the training, the crime scene, the finding of clues, and solving the mystery, but is working with someone else's dog.]

Where is Wainui YMCA Camp??



Ultimate RECALL

John’s clinic focuses on strengthening one of the most challenging, yet essential training skills: the recall. While the focus is indeed on improving recall, this course could aptly be named “Relationship Building” as you will no doubt leave with a new understanding of dog behavior and a deeper relationship with your canine companion.

    3 day course

    Specific Course Objectives:

    • Training a reliable, automatic, non-negotiable, reality recall
    • Building block and foundation training of the recall
    • Relationship/influence building in recall training
    • The chasing/emergency recall
    • Sit and/or down on recall
    • Freeze/stop on recall/running wait
    • Distance/direction control
    • Calling dogs off of distractions
    • Out of sight recall (owner hidden)
    • Obedience/competition recall (dog is called from a stationary position)
    • Free running recall (dog is called while in motion)
    • Type "A" recall (dog re-joins his owner in motion)
Dog-Handler team:

Consists of one human and one dog. Additional humans must be enrolled as auditors.

  • Dogs can be any age from 8 weeks to 8 years.
  • Dogs will need a sturdy collar and a 25 foot long line
  • Handler will need to supply 5 different treat types and 5 different toys that dog enjoys.
  • Please note that no dog will be permitted off leash at seminar unless instructed to do so by John Rogerson.
  • Dogs need to be fine around other dogs and humans.
  • No aggression problems please!
  • Dog owners are fully responsible for their dogs; this includes controlling your dog and always cleaning up!
Who is this course for?
While in depth and content-rich, John's course is geared towards any true dog enthusiast, whether professional or dedicated pet owner.

Saturday to Monday April 23, 24, 25 (Anzac Day), 2016

Where: TBA in Christchurch

3-day course is $300 for Dog-Handler team and $255.00 for auditors. Please note that this course is limited to 20 handlers and 20 auditors.

[An auditor is a participant who wishes to be involved in all aspects of clinic, but will not be working a dog.]


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John's Bio

John Rogerson (http://www.johnrogerson.comis the founder and principle lecturer of the Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour in the United Kingdom. He is widely acclaimed as one of the world's leading trainer behaviourists, having pioneered many of the techniques that have now become standard practice in behaviour therapy and training.

John is the author of eight books and has produced two videos.

Last book: The Dog Vinci Code


(check the CCC's library for a copy.)

John is in great demand as a training and behaviour consultant and in this capacity runs many courses worldwide to impart his skills and knowledge to others.

The organisations that he has run courses for and lectured to include:

  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Central Scottish Police Dogs
  • U.S. Air Force Dog Section
  • Hearing Dogs for the Deaf
  • Dog Aid
  • Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
  • The National Canine Defense League
  • The Blue Cross
  • The R.S.P.C.A.
  • Illinois State University
  • Southampton University
  • Bombay Vet School
  • Defense Animal Centre
  • Cyprus Defense Animal Support
  • Dog AID(Assistance in Disability)
  • Australian Territories
  • Washington State Vet School
  • Indian National Kennel Club
  • Cuban Ministry of the Interior
  • Miami Fire Department
  • The National Animal Welfare Trust
  • The Univ. of Pisa, Italy

John has recently been given the honour of being invited to sit on the committee of the Companion Animal Welfare Council, whose function is to advise Parliament on issues relating to companion animals in the U.K.

John is a founder member of the Association of Pet Behavior Counsellors and is the founder of Support Dogs and Dog Aid.


*** If your organisation wants to book John for a seminar during his NZ tour, email us or ring us on 03 389 4065 and we will try to fit him in.


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"“An excellent course that is active, engaging and informative. A perfect blend of theory and hands-on that is unbelievably effective and just makes sense.


This unique course is about recall and so much more. Whether a professional in the canine industry or a dedicated dog owner, everybody seemed extremely satisfied with John’s course.”

Recall Course, Palm Springs 2011

""The author of The Dog Vinci Code, John Rogerson, demonstrates perfectly the bond that should exist between man and his dog. Surely it is quite acceptable to be anthropomorphic and in doing so we will better understand the needs and desires of dogs. As you will read, both Ben and Wheaten are prime examples of the way in which a successful bond can be built up through a two way discussion. Socialisation and training of dogs from an early age is the most vital part of this bond and John's knowledge and passion for his subject shines through on every page"

Clarissa Baldwin, Chief Executive, The Dogs Trust

""John's insights and out of the box approach to working with challenging dogs makes him one of the premiere canine behavior specialist in the world. For anyone that has had the privilege of hearing John speak in person on dog behavior and training will be thrilled to read this book. It is his best lecture notes presented in an easy to read and accessible manner. If you haven't had the good fortune to see John speak or work with him directly, this is a must have."


Jill Marie O'Brien, CPDT-KA, CNWI, Southern California, USA

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