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Rehoming- Poppy -- REHOMED

Resident at ours for a couple of weeks is a 'rehome' that like many of our Dogs we are asked to find a forever home for, comes with all the gifts of being overa puppy. 

Poppy is an adult female pure brown miniature bulldog with the most awesome character. She looks more like a jet brown Frenchie but with floppy ears. 

House trained, and people and other dogs social, with a recall too 

Poppy would fit in with many peoples lifestyles. (she came from a family with preteens) She doesn't want to chew up your sox or undies but will scavenge any 'dovers so don't drop your sausage.

 She is quick to learn though lookout for the early morning wake up lick the moment she thinks you're back in the land of the living. 

 This is a sweet wee Dog with muscles whose favourite spot is next too you but is equally happy to be at home on her lonesome too. 

Aged about three she has a complete medical history on her card with no brachaphilic issues. 

 Low maintenance coat and a quality character, 

Poppy would suit an active retired couple with grandkids in their life too or a family with kids that maybe have never had a Dog in residence. 

 We have got to know Poppy well and will miss her greatly, but there it is, a special wee four legged soul who needs to be in her forever family.

Price after application and we feel you might be a good fit. 

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