Rehoming in Christchurch, New Zealand

Rehomed- Macy

August 9 , 2020

Macy is a beautiful natured, 20 month old collie /hunterway.
While she's been with us, she has hardly barked. She has more Collie than Huntaway :) 
She did bark with the previous family, however this may have been more about boredom than genes! 

* Very gentle with young children. The previous family had an 18 month old and Macy was very gentle with her.
* Plays very well with other dogs
* She sits on command, with hand gesture, and through voice

* She walks very well on a leash, without pulling.

* She doesn't jump on people when meeting them-- ie. on the beach, at home. 
* She needs more training when off-leash. She tends to run after birds, but comes back when called (not 100%) 

She is very intelligent and requies a family that can give her challenges, daily walks, and runs and cuddles.

Her present family simply feel that they can't meet her needs as they are a young family with a young child.

As we are dog trainers, the cost for Macy includes
1) dog training in our September class (($105)
2) dog treat bag ($40)
3) a book called Love Has No Age Limit- Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home ($25)
4) new hard dog ball ($20)
5) her blanket and some food.
6) harness (if new $45) 
7) microchipped and fully vaccinated (0ver $150)
8) Discounted homestays at $30/day instead of $40/day

Total Price $350.00

Please fill in our Rehoming Application form if you are interested in giving Macy a home