Rehoming in Christchurch, New Zealand

Rehomed- Frankie  

Sydney Silkie terrier x Lowchen

Rehomed in July 2020  

Frankie lived in Timaru and wanted a change of scene :)  Seriously though, the person who cared for Frankie couldn't walk him due to health issues. She is really wanting to make sure that Frankie goes to the perfect home!

Frankie has been living with us in Christchurch for the past 10 days and during this assessment, the following have been observed:

* can live with big and small dogs

* comes back when called, especially for a treat. Saying this, once you get a great relationship, Frankie will be at your side.

* Frankie has been around children and wants to be patted - can jump on the little people, but a quick 'this way', when walking along without a leash, brings his attention back to you. 

* Frankie loves his 'zoomies' - check the video below

* sleeps on the human bed and on your lap when watching TV. 

*  walk beautifully on the lead

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if you are interested in rehoming Frankie.... I'm sure that we will get a lot of interest, so put your best foot forward:) 

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A few  more details:

Frankie was born on August 12 2017: parents--full pedigree Lowchen and full pedigree Sydney Silky.

Male- neutered.

Fully vaccinated, and microchipped.

          Price $400 includes

  • dog training classes - 5 weeks $130
  • leash
  • dog food, toys, bed
  • a book called Love Has No Age Limit- Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home (retail $25)
  • Frankie of course! microchipped and vaccinated !

    Bonus: Client prices are applicable for homestays for Frankie ($30/day instead of $40/day. 

                 He is welcome to stay with us, subject to availability.

    Please fill in our Rehoming Application form

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