Rehoming in Christchurch, New Zealand

Rehoming- Bright and Summer

Bright and Summer is are siblings. 

Age: 5.5 years old

Breed: Labrador/Pointer/Bearded Collie/Huntaway 

Bright and Summer are available for rehoming now, or after Christmas

They are needing to find a new home for their two dogs because their lives are taking them away from New Zealand.

We asked the owners some questions as the dogs are residing in Nelson, then will be moving to Reefton.

1) How is their recall? 
 In general they are both good at coming when called, but there are exceptions - this is always when they are over aroused i.e. if Bright is obsessing over a scent, in which case he may need calling a few times more firmly before he lets it go, or if they are involved with other dogs sometimes they don’t come immediately when called, but this has been improving lately as they get more experience, and they are more often breaking contact with other dogs when called. 

2) Do they jump on people when they meet them? (this is one of the problems that we get asked to help with)
They generally don’t jump up on people

3) How are their walking skills on a leash?
They are both good on a leash. On most dog walks they have at least 5 mins leash time. They can both be a bit pulling on a leash at the beginning of a walk, but tend to settle quite quickly.

4) How are their behaviour with other dogs?
This is variable and depends on the situation, but both dogs are non-aggressive. Bright is always inquisitive, while Summer is defensive. She used to bark a lot, but this has almost stopped now. If the other dog owners are tense the situation is often more energised. They are prone to run towards dogs and then slow down before contact

5) Where do they sleep at night?
They have always sleep inside the house, at present in a store room on an old matress with their own blankets

6) What training have they had?
They have had no official training.

7) Do they have any undesirable behaviours?
They can get over excited when they see something new and run fast toward people until they work out its just a person and then they break out of the run. They are not aggressive but one doesn’t want other people worried or fearful.

8) Are there any health issues?  They both have hip dysplasia which needs to be managed by not too much exercise. Bright is more high energy than Summer, so he sometimes doesn’t help himself by being too energised and then feeling more sore afterwards. Swimming is very good for them on a regular. We have also given them acupuncture and laser treatment at times with a Nelson vet, which helps. But surgery has not been recommended. Aside from this, they are absolutely healthy dogs. They have always been given high quality food (Orijen & Acana) and are very vibrant.

9) Is there anything else that you think is relevant for prospective owners to know…
When the dogs are walked separately they are both very docile and well behaved. They like playing with wooden sticks, especially in the car it gives them something to chew on if they get bored. They love swimming and love fetching sticks thrown into the sea or river. They are used to sitting on the sofa, and love to snuggle up with someone on a sofa. They like human contact. They have not been left alone for long periods of time. When they are left alone it has usually been for no more than 3-4 hours. But they have always been perfectly very well-behaved when being left alone for that amount of time. They are good car travellers, used to long trips, and they don’t mind hanging out in a car for a few hours while one is shopping etc (car parked in shady spot of course).

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