Rehoming in Christchurch, New Zealand

Rehomed- Cru and Sader  

as of June 1 2021 

Cru and Sader are both active 10 year old dogs.

The following description is from the owner.... please note that we haven't met the dogs, and the adoption will be between the owner and yourself.

They are inseparable, they get on extremely well, and sleep together day mad night, even though they have plenty of room, they are never far from each other.

Cru is the larger dog, he’s very friendly, he loves to be around people and snuggles in. Loves his food. Cru is the lazy one, happy to walk right beside you.

Sader is more timid, although again loves to be around people and enjoys being pat. Sader is particularly active, loves to get out in the open and run. Both have been on a large lifestyle block for 8 years and more recently on a 800 sq section, so they have had quite a change.
On top of this, just over 2 years ago they lost their owner, family member and trainer. Since then I have taken over the reins, and although it was a massive change for all of us, we have got through it and life is great.

The boys are both settled, happy and both very trusting, I can vacuum around Cru, mow the lawns around Cru. His trust is amazing. As they have gotten older they love a walk each day, but happy to cruise.

I have been walking them twice a day until a month ago, as my time has been spilt between my new family. One walk seems plenty for them. They are fantastic around kids, and other dogs, but having not lived with a cat before, the chase is on! They are also not road savvy, I walk them around the streets on a lead, but come to a park and they are off. Two beautiful boys, relaxed, nice natures, and health for both has been excellent.

if you are interested in rehoming either Cru or Sader or both together, please get in touch with the owner

Liz McNicholl   027 545 0211     


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