School of the Naked Dog - Dog Training in Christchurch, New Zealand
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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” 

―― Josh Billings

About our School

We are professionally trained dog trainers/behaviouralists. We teach and use best practice positive training methods to help you build the companion dog you and your family want.

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Our Dog Store

iQ Dog Toys

We buy the most interesting dog toys. All of the products that we sell, we use. Many of our clients like the Easy Walk Harness for nice loose leash walking, our food dispensing toys for their dogs who need a bit of a challenge and see dog/human interactive toys. Click on the logo to take you there.

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    (03) 389 40 65 / 021 82 36 47
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    Wainoni Road
    Christchurch, Canterbury
    New Zealand