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What's happening... in 2016

Life Skills Class- For all Dogs (puppies included) Learn how to teach and instill manners in your dog in a relax and fun atmosphere. Small classes. Usually 2 dog trainers on site.
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New class starts the 1st Wednesday evening of every month.

Where? 96 Bristol Street, BLind Foundation's Social Hall, St Albans/Merivale

Cost: $80 for 4 weeks
       $100 for 5 weeks

Do you have a puppy, less than 4 months old? Click here for our puppy package

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Dog Training for KIDS !! Kids and Dog Picture
Learn how to teach your dog some simple basic manners

May 4, 11, 18, 25 (Cost $80)

July 6, 13, 20, 27 (Cost $80)

Cost includes a dog toy as prize.

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K9 Nose Work Scent Work for Dogs
Learn how to train your dog to do scent-detection work. You’ll become better at reading your dog as you master this new and exciting skill together. Scent work is perfect for keeping your dog stimulated and has many practical uses.


We will be giving Saturday classes in the winter months. Keep up to date by subscribing to our newsletter

Nov. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
8pm start

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Introduction The inspiration for the name of our dog training name came when we took off our dog's collar and he looked great naked! plus it really says everything about our philosophy of dog training.

Less Leash, More Control is our byline. Our 'naked' philosophy is that a dog should be managed, ultimately, by voice and/or body language. A naked dog is an educated dog. It knows its place in the world. He's our animal companion rather than merely a pet.

Can you take off your dog's collar and still have him under voice control?

Dogs don't naturally behave the way we want them to behave; they must learn to adjust to a human environment. When we train, we aren't looking to end up with a spit-and-polish dog who obeys our every command with military precision but rather, to establish leadership and promote respectful submission by using the things they like to do as reinforcement for things we want them to do. Set the rules and they will follow most of them and be rewarded.

By teaching your dog that he can rely on you to be their source of fun, you'll find that your relationship with your dog will naturally improve. When your relationship matures, both you and your dog will enjoy each others company.

Let's inspire some balance into our lives. The time that you put into managing your dog in your environment will reward you and your dog for years to come. The question is.... how do you get there? 

"The strongest leash of all is that invisible leash that connects one heart to another, and it's built of love & trust.  The sad reality is that the heart's invisible leash is often broken or has never been built.

Dogs who wear collars do not have to wear them forever. The need for leads and collars begins to disappear as training progresses. 

If the training is thorough and followed through to off leash control, the collar becomes just another intermediate step in the training process. It is up to the handler to continue training to the point where equipment is necessary only to obey leash laws and protect the dog."

Suzanne Clothier, world reknown dog trainer/ behaviouralist







Services that we offer

Kids and Dog TricksKids and Dog Tricks Class

We teach kids how to gain their dog's cooperation when teaching them new skills and tricks.

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Dog smelling boxesScent Class/ Nose Work

Develops your dog's natural scenting abilities through fun and games. Geared for dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages

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Older Dog ClassLife Skills Dog Class

Discover the Einstein at the end of your leash! Basic manners class for all ages of dogs (yes, includes pups)
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Doggone Bite Prevention ProgrammeDog Bite Prevention Presentation

We offer schools & community groups this program. 80% of dog bites happen in the home! Be safe!

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Private LessonsPrivate Consultation/ Dog Training
(Puppy Package)

We come to your house. Private lessons for all types of training, and dog behaviours.

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We train your dog for you in your home, day or evening or while you take a holiday!

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Fat Dog SlimFat Dog Slim

We will help you help your dog lose weight. Fastest way is to leave your dog here while you go away on holidays!

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Dog SittingHomestays for Dogs

We take care of your dog while you're away. He lives with us in our family. He might be lucky to come kayaking with us! Find out More

Rehoming your dogRehoming

We make sure that your dog will be in a safe and well-loved home. We will train your dog to make him a better candidate for rehoming.

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Pet ShopOur Store

We sell some items and we send you out on the web for others. As we grow, our shop might too!

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Library and ResourcesLibrary & Resources

We help you find the books and links that are interesting, and the most use to you. Of course, this is all subjective!

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Barkerton Park Proposal

What a place to be a dog! In New Zealand it seems our city planners wouldn't know a great walk if they fell over it. Keep it mind as we move towards the red zone consultations. EVO::SPACE (http://evospace.co.nz) is leading that consultation. Register online and give some feedback. 

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" I love how Blair explain why my dog does what he does... so simple"

Natalie makes it look so easy. She is so patient with us and our dog!"

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