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A City Good For Dogs Is Great For Humans

Speaker Stephen Jenkinson will be speaking about
our rebuild, urban design and best practice dog policy,
human/dog trails, access to public transport/spaces AND MORE

on September 26, 2011
from 7.00pm to 8pm

South Christchurch Library (Cashmere Library)
Sydenham Room
66 Colombo Street
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UK pet expert calls for canine friendly city- Canterbury Star Newspaper (18/09/2011)

Stephen JenkinsonStephen Jenkinson works all over the UK as the only specialist in managing dogs and their owners; apart from being access adviser to the UK Kennel Club, he also works directly to their national park services, local councils etc advising on good, positive management (rather than just vilifying all dog owners or putting up "don't" notices).Stephen is coming all the way from the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

He is an independent consultant, providing specialist research, training and advice for dogs owners in urban and rural contexts. 

He also writes a monthly feature in Your Dog - UK's biggest selling magazine for dog owners.  His work across the UK continues to change perceptions of dog "problems", and helps officials understand how better management can improve human health and wellbeing for all concerned. 

A former national park governor, Stephen is increasingly working with European laws that require dog-friendly places are provided in new housing developments to minimise impacts on protected species and wildlife.  He is a behaviour counsellor for the Pet Fostering Service and Blue Cross charities, helping pets and their temporry foster carers in Scotland where he lives.  

He is also one of the speakers at this year's conference Animal Companion Conference in Australia in September at the invitation of ACAC.

  “Enhance opportunities for people to experience and enjoy responsible, healthy exercise and interaction with their dogs.”

  • Promote the year-round opportunities for the regular, healthy activity of dog walking.
  • Help people understand and experience how dogs enhance people's lives, through improved health, confidence and mobility.
  • Use their networks and influence to encourage better mutual understanding of the needs of dog owners and all city amenities and citizens.
  • Respond positively to conflicting interests, ensuring any restrictions on dogs are fair, balanced, and regularly reviewed.
  • Work to develop links between local dog-walking communities and the beaches and reserves on their doorsteps.
  • Work with others to develop new ways to improve how dogs and their owners use the environment.
  • Ensure dog owners feel welcome in and play a part in conserving environment values for everybody.
  • Maintain an on-going dialogue to make the best of the opportunities dog ownership brings and minimise any negative impacts.


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Listen to Stephen
on Kim Hill, Radio NZ on Saturday September 24th 



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